Pauline Lheureux

What is that ?

It is a discipline of body and mind that includes a wide variety of exercises and techniques.

The techniques used use physical postures (called asanas), breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation, as well as deep relaxation (yoga nidra).

The principle of Yoga is to observe everything that happens in us:

  • Thoughts
  • The emotions
  • Fears
  • Desires
  • Memories
  • Dreams

to know yourself, find calm and inner peace.

Yoga is nowadays accepted as a psychosomatic discipline promoting the development of Westerners constantly attacked by the hellish rhythm of modern life.

Le Yoga procure un corps souple et sain, des nerfs solides, un mental équilibré, une personnalité sereine et dynamique.

Yoga will transform your life, improve your health, your flexibility, your physical and mental control, through postures, breathing, relaxation, concentration, meditation.

The fundamentals of Dynamic YOGA: Ujjayi, Bandhas, Drishti.

Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga is practiced by breathing in and out through the nose. It’s breathing Ujjayi. Bandhas are the locking or contraction of certain deep muscles that preserve vital energy. The look, called Drishti, fixes itself on a single point and forces concentration during the posture.

« You will never change your life until you have changed something you do every day. » John.C.Maxwell

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