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«Do not seek peace, it is already inside of you. If you can't find it, your mind is too restless ...»

Yin yoga is a gentle yoga

The practice focuses on connective tissues such as ligaments, bones, joints and even cartilage. Yin is essentially a meditative approach to your physical and moral condition.

By focusing on the extreme relaxation of each part of the body, Yin Yoga leads to total letting go by removing all traces of stress.

The postures are held for a long time (between 3min and 15min) passively. The body is called by gravity to create space on the physical level but also in the mind ...

Our body is a reflection of our personal history.

By working on our body, we are working on our personal history. And identification with personal history constitutes the ego. So Yoga allows us to work on our Ego ...

  • Inspiration brings the present.
  • Expiration emanates from the past.