Pauline Lheureux

Pauline Lheureux

Pauline is a sparkling young French woman, energetic and passionate about the functioning of the human body.

After her training in Swedish massage and Deep tissue at the Bertrand Poncet Massages School in Nice, it was during her training in Thai massage / Yoga massage in Thailand and her travels in India that she discovered Yoga.

A few years later she followed several trainings around the World with The Yoga People, Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar. And followed several internships with Mathieu Boldron, Ajay Kumar from Mysore, Simon Park, Mark Robberds and Katarina Rayburn.

She practices and teaches a balanced mix between dynamic VINYASA and softer Yin Yoga accompanied by original and appropriate playlists. For 8 years she has worked between La Côte d´Azur, Lille and London and travels around the world to nourish herself spiritually and draw inspiration from other cultures. The idea being to transmit through its massages and to make dance through Yoga this vital Energy which crosses us all.

She moves at home either with a very comfortable folding table, music, oils, a heated draw sheet and cotton sheets; either with yoga mats, straps and bricks for a private lesson at home.


« Life in itself is an empty canvas. It becomes what you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint joy. This freedom is your splendour. » OSHO