Pauline Lheureux

Pain and Energy

Massage plays in the relief of musculo-articular pains and in the reduction of the effects of stress on the body. It improves the quality of sleep, which is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. It also helps circulate energy in the body and strengthen the immune system.

Massage, acting on the entire nervous and muscular system, promotes better functioning and better overall health of the body.

The different techniques used

They meet specific needs:

  • decrease the effects of stress on the body;
  • improve the quality of sleep;
  • relieve joint and muscle pain;
  • facilitate blood circulation;
  • optimize the functioning of the digestive system and vital organs;
  • eliminate toxins accumulated in the body;
  • relieve pain caused by various pathologies;
  • improve the general condition of the body;
  • increase the potential for recovery after a muscle injury;
  • prevent the onset of physiological muscle or joint problems.
«You will never change your life until you have changed something you do every day» John.C.Maxwell

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